• Ancol Ergo Dog Flea Comb Blue

Ergo pet combs have been moulded with ergonomic handles for comfort and effective use and are made of quality durable materials with modern design and bright colours. Ancol ergo flea comb is great not only for trapping fleas but also for grooming those delicate areas around the eyes and ears. Combs are useful for removing dead hair, locating tangles and maintaining a regular check on your pet's health. Be gentle when combing as your pet's skin is very sensitive, also, make sure you choose a comb with a comfortable grip. As a rule, choose a coarse comb if your pet has lots of hair or tangles working towards a fine comb for fine or well kept hair. A fine comb will cause a lot of stress to a dog with coarse matted hair.

Ancol Ergo Dog Flea Comb Blue

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